Transportation in Binjai: Various Options to Reach Any Destination

Binjai City is one of the metropolitan cities in North Sumatra Province. With a population of more than 200,000 people, Binjai needs an adequate transportation system to accommodate the mobility of its people.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Binjai City, there are various types of transportation available in this city, both public and private transportation. The following is an explanation:

Public Transportation In Binjai

Public transportation in Binjai consists of buses, city transportation (angkot), and motorized rickshaws.


Trans Binjai Bus is a bus rapid transit (BRT)-based public transportation system that serves routes within the city of Binjai. This bus has a fairly long route, starting from Binjai Terminal to Pinang Baris Terminal. The bus fare is Rp 2,000 per passenger.


Angkot is the most widely used public transportation by the people of Binjai. Angkots serve routes within the city of Binjai with varying fares, ranging from Rp 2,000 to Rp 5,000 per passenger.

Becak motor (bentor)

Bentor is a unique means of public transportation and is characteristic of the city of Binjai. It looks like a rickshaw attached to a motorcycle that pulls it.

Bentor usually travels at high speed on the road. The bentor fare is Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 per passenger.

Private transportation

Private transportation in Binjai consists of motorcycles, cars, and app-based public transportation.


Motorcycles are the most widely used means of personal transportation in Binjai. Motorcycles are a favorite choice because they are affordable and easy to operate.


Cars are a means of personal transportation that is also widely used in Binjai. Cars are an option for those who have high mobility and need comfort in driving.

App-based public transportation

Application-based public transportation, such as Gojek, Grab, and Anterin, is also gaining popularity in Binjai. This application-based public transportation offers various conveniences, such as easy booking, cashless payments, and shuttle services.

Transportation needs in Binjai

The need for transportation in Binjai continues to increase along with population and economic growth. The Binjai City Government seeks to meet these needs by providing various types of affordable public transportation.

In addition, the government also makes various efforts to improve the safety and comfort of transportation users, both public and private. These efforts include:

  • Conducting routine road maintenance
  • Increasing law enforcement against traffic violations
  • Increasing public awareness of driving safety

With these various efforts, it is hoped that the people of Binjai can use transportation safely and comfortably.

Transportation development in Binjai

The Binjai City Government continues to strive to improve transportation facilities in this city. One of the efforts made is by building transportation infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.

In addition, the government also strives to improve the quality of public transportation services, such as by providing comfortable and safe buses.

Transportation development in Binjai is expected to support population mobility and improve the city’s economy.

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